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The purpose of the new solution is to reduce the burden on the customer by saving time and effort through searching for the best financing offer available using our portal (tamweelna) that connects the merchants, suppliers, borrowers and clients to our network of banks and financial companies, where the client can use our intelligent portal that allows access to all financing companies and banks to choose the best financing offer.

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About Us

A leading Jordanian company to building a network of dealers that allows the customers to choose the best financing agencies to meet the financial needs quickly, effectively and highly efficiently through an electronic platform managed by a specialized team..




Our Features

Our Features 1
Highest safety standards

By applying different levels of data security, sensitive data encryption, secured data transmission protocols & users privacy.

Easy To Use

All you need is to access Tamweelna platform, follow some steps and your application is ready.

Access 24/7

it’s a smart platform available all time.

Customer service is availablity

Our customer service available through social media channels all the time, also we have our call center team on the phone number 06-5544883 they available from Sunday to Thursday from time 8:30 to 5:00.

Flexible memberships

Everyone can easily use it, you only need to sign up, and fill the requirements.

Statistical Reporting

We can provide reports to the banks & financial companies upon their request.

Our Features 2

Our Service

Corporate Finance

Vehicle Finance

Property Finance

Personal Finance

Electronic and Furniture

Tourism & Travel

Education Finance

Startup Finance

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